Renewal of Vows

Renewal of Vows ceremonies performed by John Borg can be as solemn or light-hearted as the couple desires


renewalofvows.jpgRenew Your Vows Ceremony

There is a developing popularity for couples to celebrate their continuing love and ongoing commiment to each other with a Renewal of Marriage Vows ceremony.

There is no legal obligation and no witnesses are required but such a ceremony allows couples to celebrate the love they have for each other in the company of family and friends who perhaps were not at the original ceremony.

Sometimes Renewal of Vows ceremonies are held by couples who were married in a country other than Australia and wish to celebrate with a re-enactment of that occcasion.

In many cases couples choose to renew their vows on their wedding anniversary. It may also be that they have faced difficulties in their relationship and wish to recommit and reaffirm their enduring love for each other.

Whatever the reason, the ceremony can be as solemn or light-hearted as the couple desires. It can be a re-enactment of their original ceremony with the same bridal party, or a casual gathering in a suitable location.

I would be delighted to help you plan and conduct your Renewal of Vows ceremony, and am available to discuss the conventions and appropriate wording to suit the occasion with you at any time. Please contact me by phone on 07 4125 6144 or email.