Naming Days

John Borg offers naming ceremonies which are specifically tailored to suit the desires of the happy parents.


baby.jpgNaming Day Ceremonies

Naming ceremonies have evolved recently as a popular alternative to the traditional religious christening. A naming ceremony provides new parents with the opportunity to introduce their baby to their family and social group, and appoint a life guardian or guardians (the equivalent of godparents).

A naming ceremony can be a as formal or as casual as desired. There are no 'rules', but the occasion allows the new parents to celebrate the birth of their baby with those closest to them.

The ceremony itself may include background music accompanying the reading out of affirmations and offering of gifts, and perhaps the planting of a tree or the naming of a star after the child. It may also be the first time that the new baby's name is made public.

The child is officially welcomed into the family unit. The gathering of family and friends to witness a naming is practiced throughout every culture in the world.

Please contact me to discuss the ceremony that is right for you. I will be more than happy to help coordinate an appropriate ceremony for you.